By signing up to be one of 1,000 torchbearers each running 10km with World record-breakers Rob Young (Marathon Man UK) and Adam Holland, you will be helping to save lives in Northern Kenya. 

Snaking 1,000km around the UK this October through some of the country’s biggest cities – from London to Leeds to Liverpool to Bristol and back – The Kenya Peace Torch Relay will raise funds to help the Aegis Trust establish a school for peace in Northern Kenya, bringing young people together and uniting communities in a region where ethnic violence has left hundreds of people dead and driven hundreds of thousands from their homes.

Watch the video to find out more about the campaign so far – and check out details of the 2016 torch relay below.

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To take part you will need to choose a 10km segment from the route, pay a £25 registration fee and raise at least £100 in sponsorship by the date of your participation.


• You get to run 10km with World record-breaking athletes as part of a very small team (no more than ten runners can register for each 10km segment).

• You get to carry the torch for peace – which has travelled over 3,500 miles in the hands of champions, starting in Kenya in 2015.

• You get a support pack with tips and advice to help you with your training and fundraising (to take part you have to raise at least £100 in sponsorship).

• You get the official Kenya Peace Torch Relay 2016 T-Shirt and medal as mementoes of your participation.

• Most importantly … through the peace school which you help the Aegis Trust to fund in northern Kenya, you get to help save lives by preventing young people from being sucked into ethnic violence.

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Snaking north out of London on Day One, the route covers ten 10km segments for each of its ten days … that’s 1,000km of running for Adam Holland and Marathon Man UK Rob Young!

On each 10km segment of the relay, there are just ten spaces available for the public… That’s 1,000 spaces across the entire ten-day relay.

So if you’d like to run with Rob and Adam, be torchbearer for peace and help us save lives in Kenya, click through below to choose your 10km segment from our interactive map now.

Interactive Map

The torch

The Kenya Peace Torch began its journey in Kenya’s North Rift Valley last year. Some of Kenya’s top athletes – including Wilson Kipsang, Tegla Loroupe and Ezekiel Kemboi – carried it five hundred miles through conflict-affected areas. The response was incredible.

British World record-breakers Adam Holland and Rob Young (Marathon Man UK) then carried the torch 2,200 miles around the UK in 25 days. Starting at the Great North Run, they finished at the Kenya High Commission in London.

Then from the Chicago Marathon, Alex Ramsey and Pat Sweeney – two of America’s top ultra-runners – ran 850 miles with the torch to New York. At Kenya’s Embassy to the United Nations, they returned it to Wilson Kipsang, who helped launch the relay in Kenya.

This torch has travelled over 3,500 miles in the hands of champions. Sign up to join the relay today, and – together with the possibility of real peace for Kenya’s Rift Valley – it will be in YOUR hands.

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No challenge is too big for Adam ‘Tango’ Holland, or for ‘Marathon Man UK’ Rob Young, two of the UK’s most inspirational athletes. Having led the British leg of our global torch relay last year, covering more than 2,000 miles in 25 days, this year they’re back for more – and looking forward to you joining them!

A previous World record holder for the fastest ten marathons in ten days, Holland’s quirkiest claim to fame is his 2014 win in a 10-mile man v horse race through moorland and bridleways near Tavistock, Devon, where he grew up – though he’s now based in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Londoner Rob Young – nick-named ‘Marathon Man UK’ – holds the World record for the most marathons in a year (370) and in 2015 completed the longest ever run without sleep (over 373 miles).

The pair are passionate about the opportunity this relay presents to make a difference to the future of young people in northern Kenya, whose lives have been torn apart by ethnic violence.

“We’re carrying this torch not only as individuals but it’s about uniting people,” says Rob. “If we can do that together we are going to create something life-changing.”

Bag your slot on the 2016 Kenya Peace Torch Relay now to join the pair for a day you’ll never forget.

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Why now

A growing wave of ethnic violence in Kenya’s North Rift Valley, often centred around cattle-rustling, has left over 600 people dead and driven more than 435,000 from their homes since the start of 2014, according to UN figures. Without urgent steps to bring divided communities together and build peace, the violence could worsen – driving more people to flee their land.

The good news; there’s a real appetite for an end to the killing. People from all sides joined in dialogue and in the torch relay as it wound its way through the Rift Valley in July and August 2015.

For the sake of young people like ten-year-old Horizon, orphaned by cattle rustlers (see video above), this hope needs to be built upon fast. His future, and that of so many more like him, hangs in the balance. Together, we could make all the difference.

Peace education breaks cycles of violence by teaching values of tolerance, forgiveness, unity and co-existence in conflicted communities. And it works. Aegis has established a successful model for peace-building in Rwanda and is being asked to help in Kenya. By taking part in the Kenya Peace Torch Relay, you will enable it to do so.

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“These people who are stealing animals, we are fearing because they have guns. It is a big problem for us.”
Marilyn, Northern Kenya
“I have lost two brothers. [This relay,] it’s amazing… It’s a sign that we are meant to have peace.”
Isaac Anale, Turkana County, Kenya
“What Aegis has done, it’s fantastic, it’s very good for Kenya. I would urge everybody to come and join.”
Jackline Yonga, Ambassador
“We’re carrying this torch not only as individuals, but it’s about uniting people. Come with us!”
Rob Young, Marathon Man UK
“To be presented with this opportunity to give back through the God-given gift of running… it means a lot.”
Barefoot Alex, US ultra-runner Alex Ramsey

Be one in 1000

Kemboi - Run4Peace

If you want to help the cause, but can’t run in the 2016 torch relay, don’t worry – we’d love you to be ‘one in 1000’ by fundraising in your own way!

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Schools Relay

If you’re a teacher or student why not get your school involved today? We’re bringing the torch relay to schools across the UK.

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Public Relay

Carry the torch 10km as part of our 1000km public relay, set for October 2016. You’ll be joined by World record-breaking runners!

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“Supported by the Aegis Trust, which has shown how peace can be built in Rwanda, we are going to inspire and engage the young people from the divided communities and help to break the cycles of violence.”

John Kelai
Commonwealth Gold Medallist